Didn’t get the chance to watch the celebration? No problem, we’ve got this Christmas package all wrapped up for you – right here!

Many thanks to all of those who helped bring holiday cheer this year, in downtown Lebanon. Thank you to The Heart of Lebanon, Tami from RadioMoM, the Lebanon High School Madrigals, Silly Safaris, the Lebanon Parks Department, the Love family, Scott & Dustin from WTHR-TV, and of course, Santa & Mrs. Claus!

Hello, and welcome to Lebanon’s 2020 Christmas Celebration – COVID-19 Edition. Sadly, the coronavirus has led to the tweaking, or outright cancellation of several of the 2020 events and gatherings that many of us hold dear. This year’s Lebanon Christmas Parade was no exception. But even though the parade has been cancelled, the sharing of Christmas Cheer is still a go! Stay tuned, because at the end of this video, as Santa and Mrs. Claus will flip the switch on the city’s 26-foot Christmas Tree!

First up, the Lebanon High School Madrigals, led by Choir Director Gwen Schoeff. You know: Dasher, Dancer, and Prancer…..and probably the rest of how this song goes. But did you know that there are many other talented reindeer at the North Pole? Well, there are! And while the nine most well known reindeer get ready to pull Santa’s slay on Christmas Eve, our friends at Silly Safaris, Courtney Kringle and Sierra Sprinkle, are here will a few furry friends who like to show off their talents.

Now for the moment we’ve all been waiting for: the lighting of the Christmas tree. In years past, during the Christmas Parade, Santa and Mrs. Claus would select a child from the gathered crowd, then that child would help ‘flip the switch’ to light up the tree. Sadly that won’t be happening this year, but you know Santa, he’s always got something special in store.


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