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Come around with Anna Hale, the City’s Communications Intern and see all the exciting things Lebanon High School students are doing with help of the Work Based Learning Programs at LHS. Here you can find videos to see exactly how Lebanon High School Students are making an impact on their community. Listen to podcasts to hear interns true opinions on the experience and what they’ve learned. Lastly, you can read touching and informational stories about the program and all it has to offer.

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“Formal education teaches how to stand, but to see the rainbow you must come out and walk many steps on your own.” -Amit Ray




Welcome! Thank you for finding your way to this page today, the Work Based Learning program of Lebanon High School is undoubtedly amazing. It creates opportunities for students that deserve to be shared and celebrated! I had the absolute honor of talking with Kelli Dennis, a supervisor of the program. She works alongside Kristen Scott to create these invaluable experiences for LHS students. We talked about the goals of the program, student eligibility, the freedoms and responsibilities that come alongside the program, and lastly, how a student may lose those freedoms.


Mrs. Dennis is completing her fifth month of assisting after stepping up to help Mrs. Scott facilitate this program at the end of last year. Due to Mrs. Scott being promoted to assistant principal. Dennis is very passionate about work-based learning and strives to keep the initiative alive and prosperous not just for the benefit of students, but also for our community.


In talking with her about the goals and mission of the program Mrs. Dennis highlighted how the goal in the long run is, “To send kids out better equipped for post-secondary education, trade, or a career.” She emphasizes how the class is built around exposing students to their possible career interests. Along with creating connections and networking for their possible fields. Mrs. Dennis recognizes the importance of coming out of one’s post- secondary education with a place to set their feet. Her and Mrs. Scott’s goal is that this program doesn’t just give you opportunities your senior year, but partnerships and opportunities you could fall back on later in life as well.


Does this sound like something you or your child would benefit from? The application process is a breeze, calling from personal experience. Current juniors can apply to internships for their senior year. It takes two block periods out of your schedule and there is an online application students must fill out after scheduling with a counselor, this is to highlight their interests and narrow down the vast placement site pool. Once your application is received it is looked at; Mrs. Dennis says that along with gauging interest, “We also look at GPA, discipline record, attendance, those kinds of things in regards to their schooling.” There is no specific GPA or disciplinary record that makes any student illegible, but is more a case to case basis. Most students will be just fine if they don’t seem like they will have any trouble respecting authority or the workplace. When looking at people to send out into the community Mrs. Scott and Mrs. Dennis wants to give this opportunity to students that seem committed to learning and  are capable of representing Lebanon High School well.


With being allowed to be out of the school for two blocks also comes a great responsibility. Many students get extended time out of the building to get lunch and ro have ample travel time. Dennis and Scott have no trouble providing these extended freedoms for these students because they do everything for the, “True best interest of the kid,” in the works of Mrs. Dennis. She also points out that, “A lot of these places are looking at student interns as employees.” Which only emphasizes the importance of students using their time out of the building responsibly so they are able to make those positive and professional connections. Getting to their site on time and demonstrating a great work ethic are of utmost importance in getting the intended purpose out of this program.


All in all, after an insightful conversation with Kelli Dennis, a dedicated supervisor of the program working alongside Kristen Scott, we delved into the program’s goals, student eligibility, associated freedoms, responsibilities, and potential consequences. The program’s overarching goal is to equip students for post-secondary education, trade, or a career by exposing them to various career interests, fostering connections, and creating networking opportunities. Mrs. Dennis and Mrs. Scott aim for long-term impact, providing not just senior-year opportunities but lasting partnerships for students. The application process is seamless, with current juniors applying for internships during their senior year, involving scheduling with a counselor and an online application highlighting interests. The program emphasizes selecting committed students capable of representing Lebanon High School well. Students granted extended freedoms must use their time responsibly, recognizing the program’s significance in building positive and professional connections, as many placement sites view student interns as potential employees. The focus remains on the true best interest of the students, emphasizing responsibility, punctuality, and a strong work ethic to maximize the intended purpose of the program.



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