Lebanon Tiger Trail

Tigers Added to Inject Art into Community

The City of Lebanon is taking significant steps to add public art in and around the City of Lebanon. The City purchased 20 statues from custom 3-D fabricator Icon Poly. The fiberglass tigers were brought in from Gibbon, Nebraska, bringing life to the “Tiger Trail” project.

The statues were gifted to area schools, community organizations, as well as various municipal departments and attractions throughout the city. The concepts and names for the various tigers were decided by the organizations, to instill pride throughout the community.

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Local artists shared their amazing talents with Lebanon residents and visitors as part of the Tiger Trail project.

Pictured Above (L-R): Shanon Faber, Anita Gordon, Claire Haughton, Rebecca Hundley

Meet the Tigers!


“Abner” is named after one of Lebanon’s first citizens Abner Longley. Abner is wearing a jersey because Abner Longley Park plays host to so many great athletic practices and games! 
Artist: Shanon Faber

"Boone" {Indoor Tiger}

“Boone” is an indoor tiger who is always up for anything, and whatever the occasion, “Boone” is dressed to impress. Stop by for a visit, to find out what fun getup “Boone” will have on next!
Artist: Boone EDC Team


Matching the many qualities of our Street Department, “Boots’” design is meant to convey words like “friendly,” “community,” “care,” and “diligence.” “Boots” looks ready for a day on the job.
Artist: Anita Gordon


“Bruce” includes elements from LFD Chief Batts’ favorite superhero, Batman. The resemblance to Bruce (Wayne) also includes the Caped Crusader’s distinctive blue eyes. The Lebanon Fire Department logo and motto represent the department’s service to the community.
Artist: Anita Gordon


“Carnegie” is a limestone-looking tiger, whose look is a nod to its namesake, Andrew Carnegie.
After amassing a fortune in the early 19th century, Andrew Carnegie spent the latter years of his life giving it away.
“Carnegie” is designed to appear as though it is made of limestone, a tribute to the beautiful limestone pillars that made the Boone County Courthouse famous.
Artist: Shanon Faber


“Claws” is a beautiful multi-colored tiger, with some amazing features. Its collar and stripes are eye-catching, and you can find meaningful messages on “Claws’” back and base.
Particularly of note are Central Elementary’s Healthy Habits:
– Be Proactive
– Begin With the End in Mind
– First Things First
– Think Win-Win
– Seek First to Understand, Then to be Understood
– Synergize
– Sharpen the Saw
– Find Your Voice
Artist: Shanon Faber

"Clete" {Indoor Tiger}

Meet “Clete!” “Clete” resides at Lebanon High School…and looks amazing! The attention to detail on this tiger is incredible. A depiction of LHS and the corporation logo are on “Clete’s” chest.

On its front legs are a tribute to all the schools in the Lebanon Community School Corporation. Its torso showcases memorable people and events in the school’s history. Make plans to visit “Clete” for yourself

Artist: LHS Art Department

"Cubbie" {Indoor Tiger}

“Cubbie” the tiger hangs out in the Perry-Worth Elementary School P.R.I.D.E. Den. “Cubbie” gets its picture taken with students who show the following qualities:
– Persistence
– Respectfulness
– Initiative 
D – Dependability 
E – Efficiency 
Artist: Perry Worth Staff


“Hutton” is named for J.T. Hutton, the architect behind the renowned Ionic Style Concrete columns that accentuate Boone County’s beautiful courthouse. Each column is more than 35 feet tall! “Hutton’s” catenary lights serve as an accent, similar to the way they look on the downtown square.
Artist: Claire Haughton


“Jerry” takes on the look of a classic fire station Dalmatian. “Jerry” is dressed like one of the guys, complete with handlebar mustache!
Artist: Shanon Faber


“Leo’s” clean, smooth edges, colors represented, and of course the badge are meant to be a symbol of the men and women who put their lives on the line to serve and protect the people of Lebanon. From head to toe, “Leo” looks so lifelike!
Artist: Rebecca Hundley

"Mary Ellen"

“Mary Ellen” is a beautiful blue stripped tiger with some wonderfully artistic features. “Mary Ellen’s” eyes are incredibly life-like, and the Sylvia’s CAC logo on her chest is hand-painted by the artist. This tiger was named “Mary Ellen” as a tribute to Mary Ellen Wilson, who’s life began tragically, but her legacy led to many positive child advocacy outcomes. “Mary Ellen” is very much worth a visit!

Artist: Shanon Faber


 “Melvin” is named for Melvin Jones, the founder of Lions Clubs International back in 1958. The Lebanon Lions Club worked with local artist Anita Gordon to design this colorful tiger. As you can see, the downtown catenary lights really capture “Melvin’s” look.
Stop by Meridian & Washington to see “Melvin” for yourself!
Artist: Anita Gordon


“MonArc” is a wonderfully lifelike and yet unique tiger statue. With words like: respect, purpose, partnership, community, and empowerment accenting this statue, “MonArc” represents all of the wonderful traits displayed by Arc of Greater Boone County residents and staff. You can find “MonArc” along west Main Street, welcoming everyone to the Arc campus.

Artist: Arc of Greater Boone County Clients & Staff


Rocket is a representation of Lebanon resident Rick “Rocket” Mount. Rick Mount, arguably the greatest basketball shooter of all time, was a standout player at Lebanon High School and Purdue University, before joining the professional ranks. “Rocket” Mount can still be seen shooting and teaching the game, on these very courts!
Artist: Claire Haughton


“Spirit” looks wonderful! In addition to its eye-catching color, gold flakes were incorporated into this one of a kind statue. A clover on “Spirit’s” paw is a nice touch, too☘️. A welcomed addition to Lebanon’s Tiger Trail, no doubt about that!

Artist: Stokes Elementary Students & Staff

"T-Cat" {Indoor Tiger}

This tiger’s full name is, “T-Cat the Spirit Pride Tiger.” With its vibrant colors, you can’t miss “T-Cat.” This statue will not only catch your eye, it will mesmerize you, too. “T-Cat” inspires P.R.I.D.E. at Harney Elementary – literally! The school’s five core values are painted on “T-Cat’s” back:
P – Persistence
R – Respectfulness
I – Initiative
D – Dependability
E – Efficiency
Artist: Harney Elementary Art Teacher Rachel Nguyen 


One of the Tiger Trail’s most unique tigers, “Thumbprint” is covered with the thumbprints and initials of the young men and women who have been recipients of the services at Mental Health America of Boone County. In a short story shared when “Thumbprint” was unveiled, MHABC claimed “Thumbprint” realized its destiny, forever keeping watch and protecting the children of our community. 

Artist: MHA Boone County Staff & Students

"Titus" {Indoor Tiger}

There are SO many cool aspects to “Titus.” The P.R.I.D.E creed can be found on the base of the Tiger. Also, the names of the students who lent their talents are written strategically around “Titus’” body! Stop by LMS to see this latest work of art around our city! “Titus” resides at Lebanon Middle School! “Titus” was completed by students and staff at LMS. This Tiger’s name was voted on by the school’s student body!

Artist: LMS Students & Staff


“Wave’s” tie-dye uniform represents a tribute to Seashore Waterpark staff. “Wave’s” colors and expression strive to convey words like: “friendly,” and “responsible.”
Artist: Anita Gordon

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