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The Common Council is the legislative branch of city government. The Council’s primary functions are to pass the laws (ordinances) of the city and to approve the budgets and spending of money collected by the city.
The City Council is a link between the citizens of Lebanon and their government. By enacting legislation that fosters the health, safety and welfare of the City, the Council works to represent the interest of residents while ensuring the delivery of municipal services.
The Council consists of seven members. Five are elected specific to certain areas of the city (districts), and two are elected across the city (at large).

Upcoming Meetings


City Council Members & Voting Districts



               Sierra Messenger

   Lebanon City Council – At Large

[email protected]




                       Brent Wheat

     Lebanon City Council – At-Large 

         [email protected]



  Councilman Mike Kincaid (Council President)

District 1 [Dark Blue]

Contact: [email protected]



 Councilman Keith Campbell

District 2 [Yellow]

Contact: [email protected]


                       Councilman Morris Jones

                                District 3 [Green]

               Contact: [email protected]



                         Councilman Dick Robertson

                                 District 4 [Light Blue]

                    Contact: [email protected]



         Councilman John Copeland

                  District 5 [Pink]

Contact: [email protected]

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