Elevate Lebanon

Have you, neighbors on your street, or in your neighborhood ever wanted to take care of home improvements projects but never had the resources? 

Elevate Lebanon is here to help!

Tool Trailer

Elevate Lebanon resources include a tool trailer! Trained supervisors allow you to use these tools to help you tackle all the projects on your ‘to do’ list.

Helping Homeowners

Elevate Lebanon gives priority to those who own their own home, and desire to improv their home and their community. 


Volunteers are the heart of Habitat for Humanity of Boone County. They are helping lend a hand in Elevate Lebanon as well. If you need help improving your home – they’ve got you covered! 

Ask the Experts

If you lack “handy” skills, not to worry. The Elevate Lebanon effort includes expert advice from trained professionals.

Available Services










Siding Repair/Powerwash

Storage Shed


Elgibility Criteria


The Elevate Lebanon program prioritizes those who own their own home and want to make improvements to that home. Landlords are encouraged to apply, but the emphasis will be placed on owner occupied homes. 

Block Parties

Those Lebanon residents who live on the same street, or are in the same neighborhood are encouraged to register for an Elevate Lebanon “Block Party.” This effort includes the use of the tool trailers, volunteers, music and refreshments to help drastically elevate Lebanon streets or neighborhoods in a light-hearted environment.


Lebanon residents have the option to nominate parts of the community that should be considered for the Elevate Lebanon effort. Nominations help organizers determine areas that could benefit from elevation. Residents located in or near nominated homes, streets or neighborhoods would not be penalized in any way.


Verb: raise or lift (something) up to a higher position.

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