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Mission Statement

Code Enforcement is a division of the Planning and Zoning Department. The Code Enforcement Department is responsible for City Code and Zoning Ordinance standards. It is one of the top priorities in our City because violations can have a negative impact on surrounding property values, public safety and the overall appearance of our community.

Through voluntary compliance, cooperation, a spirit of personal responsibility and community pride, conditions that create code violations can be eliminated. These acts will make the City of Lebanon a better place to live.


iWorQ – Online Code Complaints/Permit Requests

You may access this program via your cell phone, as follows:

1. Install the app, iWorQ and then you are ready to set up your account.

2. At the next screen, when prompted to enter agency code, type: “Leb01” (case sensitive).

3. From here you may select either “Lebanon Code Complaints” or “Lebanon Permit Requests” and complete the information accordingly.

You may also access the program via your desktop, as follows:

1. Click on this link:

2. Scroll to “Search for Code Complaints” or “New Code Complaint.”

3. Fill out the required information and attach a photo, if desired.

4. You will be sent an email and will have to verify your email address before you will be able to obtain a permit or issue a complaint.

5. Once you verify your email, you will be redirected to either the “complaint” form or the “permit” form. Once you have created an account, you may view any request you submit and track the progress accordingly.

Is Code Enforcement Important?

This short video provides an overview for what code enforcement means in communities across the country.

Generally speaking, a code enforcement officer is responsible for evaluating, educating and, of course enforcing local codes. This can be in the form of answering questions, issuing warnings or giving actual citations for code violations. Even though a part of the job does result in violations, code enforcement officers’ main objective is to ensure an attractive, lawful and safe community.

A few common code enforcement areas of interest include: unsightly lawns, excess signage, or illegal dumping and parking. Additionally, their duties may include business permits, zoning regulations, construction planning and condemning unsafe structures. Between enforcing ordinances, rules and regulations our cities cannot run efficiently without code enforcement.

Code enforcement is no longer just about property maintenance. It is now more about regulating nuisances that hinder a community. As new laws emerge and new problems appear, there has to be a group that addresses these issues. Unlike public safety personnel such as firefighters or law enforcement officers, a code enforcement officer’s role can vary from jurisdiction to jurisdiction. In one jurisdiction, a code enforcement officer may enforce one or all types of violations. These include: parking, animal, zoning, health, housing, property maintenance, business licensing, stormwater issues, building codes or other types of enforceable codes.

Generally, code enforcement officers are quasi law enforcement personnel who work for local or county government departments. They enforce their jurisdiction’s established code requirements, ordinances, and zoning laws, as well as any adopted codes such as state codes or model codes. Code enforcement officers frequently receive complaints from citizens, other city departments and outside agencies. They investigate those complaints and work with property owners to ensure that they comply with local regulations.

Code enforcement is an evolving field, always striving for new solutions to address new concerns, often times having to coordinate with different departments in a jurisdiction. Examples include, but are not limited to, public works, licensing, fire departments, building, finance, mayoral executive offices, city attorney, engineering, police or planning. There is no unique standard for where code enforcement belongs, because it works with all government offices to ensure neighborhoods are maintained and residents have a safe place to live.

For further questions about what code enforcement oversees in our community, please call 765.482.8845. Thank you!


401 S Meridian St
Lebanon, IN 46052

Phone: (765) 482-8845
Fax: (765) 482-8873


Q: Who do I contact to report an issue with trees or shrubs obstructing traffic, rights of way, or sidewalks?

A: If you do not wish to report the matter through the City’s iWorQ portal, please contact the Lebanon Street Department. 


Q: Who do I contact to report an issue with a parked vehicle?

A: If you do not wish to report the matter through the City’s iWorQ portal; both the Lebanon Police Department and the City’s Code Enforcement Division handle parked vehicles. You may report junked vehicles or improperly parked RV’s/commercial vehicles to the City’s Code Enforcement Division. You may report all other unlawfully parked vehicles to LPD.

Q: Who do I contact to report accumulating trash and debris?

A: If you do not wish to report the matter through the City’s iWorQ portal, please contact the City’s Code Enforcement Division.

Q: A house in our neighborhood has tall weeds and grass, can the City address this?

A: Yes, the City does have an unlawful weeds and grass ordinance. We encourage neighbors to help one another – perhaps a citizen is elderly and in need of help or maybe a family is gone on vacation. However, we do recognize some situations exist, such as a vacant house, etc. where it becomes necessary for the City to intervene. If you do not wish to report the matter through the City’s iWorQ portal, please contact the City’s Code Enforcement Division. 



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Makada Love : Code Enforcement Inspector

Makada Love

Code Enforcement Inspector
Kristi Spencer : Executive Assistant

Kristi Spencer

Executive Assistant

Matt Reynolds : Assistant City Planner / Code Enforcement Inspector

Matt Reynolds

Assistant City Planner / Code Enforcement Inspector

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