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Street Department: Laborer


Department-Street/Storm Water                            Position-Laborer
Date-January 01, 2021

Employee is responsible for a variety of tasks. Duties include:
  A. Puts up new street signs and temporary signs.
  B. Cleaning catch basins, water drains, and sweeps streets.
  C. Paints curbs and lines on streets.
  D. Patches and seals cracks.
  E. Collects debris, brush, limbs, and leaves during leaf season.
  F. Fills chuck holes in streets with asphalt.
  G. Drives equipment such as loader, roller, leaf machine, or trucks when necessary.
  H. Cleans and stones alleys, hauls gravel, stone and sand.
  I. Assists in snow removal and special calls.
  J. May cut tree limbs or trees (obstructing clear view of streets)
  K. May pick up dead animals as needed.
  L. Mowing of City Easements.
  M. Performs other related duties.

    I. Skills and Knowledge


  A. Ability to legally and safety operate both light and heavy equipment.
  B. Ability to use simple hand tools and power equipment
  C. Knowledge of maintenance care.
  D. Working knowledge of and ability to apply general street maintenance practices.
  E. Ability to be on call as needed.
  F. Must be on available to be on call for a week, during their scheduled on call

    II. Responsibility
Receives detailed instructions both before and during task in some cases.
Employee must follow standardized procedures in performing job duties.

    Ill. Physical Effort
Employee is continually standing, walking, bending, using arms and some times sitting in a truck. Also does moderate lifting and shoveling.

    IV. Working Conditions
Employee works outside in all kinds of weather, but is in a truck cab during extreme weather conditions. Employee is exposed to danger, moving vehicles and possible injury in use of equipment.

Interested applicants should fill out an application, and return the completed application and a resume to the Street Department Office (1301 Lafayette Avenue, Lebanon, IN 46052)

Street Department Application

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