City of Lebanon Solicitor Permit

Per Lebanon City Ordinance 112.02,  It shall be unlawful for any solicitor to operate in the corporate limits of the city unless the solicitor shall have first secured a license therefore pursuant to this chapter. 

How to obtain a solicitor permit: 


(A) Fill out an application and turn it into Lebanon Police Department.

  1. Applicant Must have a recent Indiana State Police background

check completed

* No older than two (2) weeks

* Background check can be obtained online at:


  1. Must have a valid state-issued photo I.D. to have on file with the



(B) Wait the seven (7) day waiting period

  1. LPD will review the application, make a decision, and call the



(C) Payment

  1. Ten (10) day permit is twenty dollars ($20)
  2. One hundred twenty (120) day permit is ninety dollars ($90)
  3. There is a three dollar ($3) fee per each solicitor with the company


After obtaining a permit, solicitors need to follow Lebanon City Ordinances for Soliciting with a Permit



It shall be unlawful for any solicitor to commit any of the following acts:

(A) Solicit from any person after that person has stated that he or she is not interested in the solicitation, does not wish to be solicited or does not wish to buy from or contribute to the cause for which the solicitation is being conducted;

(B) Solicit contributions by misrepresentation of his or her name, occupation, relation to the cause solicited for, or perpetrate any fraud or deception in connection with any solicitation for any cause;

(C) Solicit funds by promising a person solicited that his or her funds will, directly or indirectly, be used to purchase tickets for any event which tickets will be given to another person for charitable purposes, unless the donor gives his or her written approval for the use and the tickets are in fact given to another person for a benevolent cause and the value of the tickets is not reflected in any financial report to increase the gross or net income of the solicitation;

(D)Solicit at any location where a sign has been posted which indicates that the inhabitants do not wish to be solicited; and

(E) Refuse or fail to comply with any requirements established for a solicitor by his chapter. (Ord. 2011-24, passed 11-16-2011) Penalty, see 112.99



No person shall engage in a direct and in-person solicitation under a license granted pursuant to this chapter unless each person shall have in his or her possession:

(A)A valid license issued pursuant to this chapter; and

(B) One of the following:

(1) A Valid Driver’s License

(2) A non-driver’s identification card issued by the State Commissioner of Motor Vehicles; or

(3) Three pieces of identification, credentials or other materials sufficient to identify the solicitor as the licensee.

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