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The trail building phase of the Stone Eater Bike Park project continues to be moving quickly. The team from PumpTrax is tackling the creation of both the cross country, and in the woods portions of the park. In this video, City of Lebanon Engineer Kevin Krulik highlights a completed section of trail, as well as the crew performing the work.

“We are here on one of the features that has been built,” said Krulik. “I am standing on a berm turn at the bottom of this hill and you can hear in the background the trail builders continuing to build trail as I speak. This is one section that they’ve got pretty well roughed in. So, as you come down the hill, you’re going to come down and carry speed all the way through and around the turn. You’re of course going to start at the top of the hill, way above where my head was down there, there is a rock drop feature. You are going to come around the corner, you’re going to go over the rock drop, drop into this area, hit that berm with speed, and continue on down the trail where they’re currently building the next set of features.”

“We kind of set a baseline, a road map if you will, but the great thing about these guys is that they are artists and they build trails and bike facilities around the world,” added Krulik. “We are excited to have them here, and we give them the freedom to be creative to make things exciting and to make things fun. We couldn’t be more pleased.”

“How they work within the terrain, and the features, and the natural materials around them, that’s up to them. We are just watching them paint that canvas for us, and it’s exciting.”

“The are building about 300 feet of trail a day here in the woods. When they’re out on the cross country trails, the gravel trails, they are building those at about a thousand feet a day. So, it’s exciting to see them making that kind of progress.”

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