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It continues to be an exciting time at Stone Eater Bike Park. In the May Update, Lebanon City Engineer Kevin Krulik shares details about infrastructure installments that are wrapping up, and the anticipation of upcoming trail construction.

“We are kind of getting geared up for the month of May. It’s always an exciting month in the state of Indiana, but for us here at Stone Eater, that means trail building starts,” said City Engineer Kevin Krulik. “So, materials that we have stockpiled: telephone poles, tree trunks, and boulders that have all been donated to the park. All of those things have been piled up in anticipation for PumpTrax USA to come on site in the next couple of weeks and starting to build trails.”

“What we are doing right now is installing storm sewer,” added Krulik. “This is to our drainage system, to collect the run-off from the park, funnel it to our detention system, so that the water is properly treated and released at a slow rate. We want to make sure that we’re not damaging any downstream users, with the impervious surface that we add to the park.”

“The pieces of stormwater pipe just fit together, it’s just a stick of pile connected to a stick of pipe,” continued Krulik. “We are laying this pipe all the way down to the tree line along State Road 52. That will be the last structure that we will set. Again, all of that process will capture running off of the park, and take it to the detention system.”

“The infrastructure package: the storm sewer, the drainage, the pavement, the park roads should all be wrapping up in the next week to two weeks,” Krulik explained. “Then that is really turning the site over to PumpTrax. They have got roughly a six to either week build time on all of the trails throughout the park. We are hoping that by mid-summer all the trails are in, then we’ll be working on landscaping and other steps to help beautify the park, to get ready to move towards the grand opening in late October.”

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