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In the April, 2024 edition of the City of Lebanon Stone Eater Bike Park series, City Engineer Kevin Krulik shares some exciting details, prior to the PumpTrax USA team beginning their trail building efforts.

“What’s happening is that we are getting trail building materials delivered,” said City of Lebanon Engineer Kevin Krulik. “We are now fully under contract with everything we need to build Phase 1 of the park, and that includes the sourcing of crushed concrete material that will be used to build the trails.”

“Around the site, we are strategically stockpiling this material in locations for the trail builder to use when they arrived on site, sometime in the first of May,” added Krulik. “They will then begin trail construction, and they should be wrapping that up around August. After that, we are just left with seeding and landscaping, and getting ready to open the park.”

“We are excited, as we always have been, of our partnership with the National Interscholastic Cycling Association(NICA). NICA has already put us on their race schedule for this year, so we have a lot of steps to take in the meantime, but we are scheduled to host a youth mountain bike race here the weekend of October 25th.”

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