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Like the foggy weather in late January of 2024, some aspects of the creation of Stone Eater Bike Park appear a bit hazy. As City of Lebanon Engineer Kevin Krulik describes, bid packages for the finishing touches on the park didn’t go as planned, so now it’s time for the city to contemplate other avenues to build the park product that was laid out.

“The fog out here today is a little ominous,” stated Krulik. “It really represents where the project stands right now. We have the important pieces together. We have the site stabilized, we’ve got the site protected, we’ve got the site properly monitored for environmental issues. We also have a great trail building contractor set up and ready to go. Sometimes you overlook the easy things, like a parking lot, and unfortunately that has turned into the hard thing right now.”

“The good news is that we do have other options,” added Krulik. “We have options where we might be able to phase parking lots in over a period of time. Regardless, we do remain committed to the project, we are committed to keeping it on budget, and we are committed to doing this without any additional tax dollars at all. This is all from existing funds on-hand, that came from the sanitation operations and grant monies, and donations, and we are always looking for more of those. There are still opportunities to partner with the city on Stone Eater Bike Park. Whether that be to help us with maintenance out here, or to come alongside us as a financial corporate partner. We have those opportunities and we would love to discuss those with you, and figure out a way that we can shave off those lows and keep moving toward those highs, which is having more kids out here on bikes.”

“As far as other highs, we had a great time down at the Indiana Statehouse at Bicycle Day,” said Krulik. “I had great conversations with legislators and with other bicycle advocates. So many of those people see Stone Eater as a beacon, as a hallmark for active living, and trying to get more people outside, outdoors, and healthy. We are trying to get the youth more engaged in other programs to provide other new things for families and youth for outdoor sports and recreation that they might not have had before.

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