From Mayor Matt Gentry:

As Mayor, I constantly hear a desire from our community to “fix SR 39”. Will you take 5 min to share your personal opinions about State Road 39 with the City? You do not have to be a City resident to respond. Thank you for you sharing your thoughts!
The Indiana Department of Transportation (INDOT) has had an initial conversation with the City about the “relinquishment” (essentially transferring ownership and maintenance responsibilities to the City) of State Road 39 through Lebanon City limits, this would come with a monetary payment to the City from the State. However, the City constantly hears the desire to “make things better on SR 39” and we do not want to agree to any relinquishment until we better understand what our community wants Lebanon Street to be and if we want improvements to be made.
Are we happy with it’s current design? Can we make traffic move faster? Do we need intersection improvements? Does it need to be made safer? We hope to address all these questions in the following survey.

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