Fluor shared its latest progress updates surrounding the Lebanon Lilly Project. A portion of the update can be viewed below. To view the entire update click here.

Site Updates

Forward progress continues at the Lilly LP1 project with the aid of ideal fall weather. The team continues to prepare the site for the build. Here are just a few of the things happening on site:

  • Poles going up will supply temporary site power.
  • Workforce parking lots are being paved with plans to recycle paving material when the build project is complete.
  • Trailers are being installed onsite that will be used as offices for the Fluor and Lilly staff and contractors.
  • Installation of temporary construction fencing around the perimeter includes turnstiles allowing staff to badge in and out for work.
  • Interior roads are being constructed for site staff travel throughout their workday.
  • Construction of the north stormwater retention basin along CR-450.

Fluor’s Commitment to Sustainability 

The Boone County Economic Development Corporation hosted conversations for the Fluor team and Boone County city and town leaders in the fall. Many of the topics discussed align with the Lilly Lebanon Project team’s commitment to sustainability. There are dozens of activities that the team is working on in order to achieve its sustainability goals.

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