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In the October edition of the Stone Eater Bike Park update, City of Lebanon Engineer Kevin Krulik shares some exciting details about trail construction, and when trail riders, walkers, and runners can expect to make use of the park in 2024. Three trail construction firms submitted bids to perform the trail work. Those bids were opened in late September, and the winning firm will be selected in October.

“It’s been a long road to get here,” said Lebanon City Engineer Kevin Krulik. “We are excited. Excited to see the end in sight. We are real excited about the interest we’ve seen from the trail builders, and we are also working on quoting packages for some fence repairs and fence upgrades, some seeding and landscaping. We are really excited about those things. Most likely, construction will be in the spring. Having to try and have trails complete by August 1 of 2024.”

“We are also excited about our partnership with the Boone EDC (Economic Development Corporation) to do a clean up day out here,” added Krulik. “They have got volunteers from their corporate partners that are going to be out here. We are going to march through the wooded area, picking up any bits of debris or trash that we might find. Getting that cleanup up, and getting the park ready for the public to use.”

“I think the finish line is in view,” Krulik closed. “I think we’re talking about August 1 of next year. That is when construction should wrap up. We will have some growing seasons, to establish the prairie grasses, those take a few seasons to mature and fully root in. Those require some extra care, but we should have park construction done by August of next year, so we’re now less than a year away.”

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