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On Thursday, September 28th, more than 100 members of Eli Lilly & Company performed a significant amount of work throughout the Lebanon area. Crews were stationed throughout Memorial Park, Abner Longley Park, the city’s arboretum, as well as in the downtown area.

“This is our first Global Day of Service in Lebanon, after we broke ground in April. This is our 16th annual Day of Service as Lilly,” said Jen Massey Associate Eli Lilly & Company Vice President & Site Head of Lebanon API Manufacturing Site. “This is a day we take to give back to our communities. We are part of the community and we want to make sure we are doing our part to make it better, so we are really excited to be out here. We are really excited to be doing the work. We are at multiple parks, so there are a lot of red shirts across Lebanon today.”

“We have over 100 people here today, added Massey. “They are volunteering, giving of their time for the whole day back to the community. Some of those volunteers are going to be working full-time at the Lebanon site. We are creating 700 jobs with the two manufacturing sites we are bringing here, and some of those people are here today, and they are excited to get involved and excited to be part of the Lebanon community.”

“They are great people to work with,” said Lebanon Parks Director John Messenger. “I am just overwhelmed with the kindness and the work effort that they are putting in today. I am amazed, excited, and happy . Having them join in and helping our community like this, I can’t say enough about it.”

“We understand that change is hard,” added Massey. “So what we want to do is we want to get engrained in the community. We want to give back. We are creating jobs, and we are also here to help make the community better long term.”

“Giving back is part of our culture, it always has been, and always will be,” Massey said. “This is a volunteer activity, so we don’t force our employees to come do it, they do it because that’s who we are and what we do. It’s really important for us to give back. We believe in it and we believe it’s making us better and making the community better as well.”

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