Lebanon High School Senior and City of Lebanon Intern Anna Hale has hit the ground running. Anna recently shot and edited this video piece highlighting the maintenance work that takes place at Memorial Park. Watch the video!

This story highlights the wonderful parts of Memorial Park and explores how it stays so nicely maintained through firsthand accounts of area mother, Sarah Ames, and Parks Director, John Messenger.

“We were asked if we could go to the park while we were running errands and that’s what brought us over here. So, we’ll let them run their energy out, then we can go run our errands and hopefully have them tired out by the afternoon, said Memorial Park visitor Sarah Ames. “It’s a weekly thing for me. We’re out usually every morning. We have to run to the store afterword, it’s what a total of a ten-minute drive and we already have to come out here anyways. It makes life a lot easier for me.”

After hearing from Sarah, we asked Parks Director John Messenger about how everything in the park is kept up so nicely.

“There is plenty to do for everyone; there is never a dull moment. We work out in all conditions kind of like a mailman, ‘Rain, Sleet, or Snow’ there you go,” said Messenger. “It takes a bunch of people to take care of it and our staff is top notch. They care and they have passion; they all live in the community, and I think that’s a great plus too. We’re really blessed to have the staff that we have and I can’t say enough about everybody. They’re all in and you got to love when they’re all in.”

John Messenger responded when asked about just how much manpower it takes for park maintenance. Sarah chimed in one final to time to sum up her thoughts on the park, “It’s just a beautiful park. I really enjoy the walking trails. I like all the different aspects you can do. So, yes we’re in here right now, but the boys really like the big playground over there and I mess around with the exercising every now and again as well.”

We hope now you can see just how wonderful the park is and you now have some more knowledge on its maintenance.

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