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In the September, 2023 edition of the Stone Eater Bike Park Update, Kevin Krulik shares the details of the end of one phase, and the beginning of another at the park. Now that the requirements put in place by the Indiana Department of Environmental Management (IDEM) are complete, the focus now shifts to creating Stone Eater Bike Park!

“We are standing in the bottom of the dry retention pond that we’ve built, that will control stormwater runoff from the site,” said Krulik. “We have also fortified the landfill cap, we’ve perfected drainage and moved the trees. All requirements of our permits through IDEM, we have installed our groundwater monitoring systems, so those are all behind us now. We are now ready to get to the fun stuff which is building the park.”

“One bid package is a traditional bid package for the parking lot and site utilities,” added Krulik. “The other one is a pre-qualified contractor package for trail builders.”

“This is one of these active living amenities that we are talking about constructing here,” said Krulik. “We like to say ‘Come Ride,’ ‘Come Race,’ ‘Come Explore’ here at Stone Eater Bike Park.

So whether you are coming here to ride with your family, or with your kids, your grand kids on a very leisurely pace, or you are coming here for a race weekend or to train for racing, those trails and those amenities are going to be here for that. But we also like to say ‘explore.’ That is hiking, that’s walking, that’s picnicking, that’s trail running, that’s cross-country running at the high school level. There is a lot of open space, a lot of green space, a lot of natural areas that are just allowed to grow naturally. Intertwined between those areas we are going to have these trails that are going to be available for all types of users.”

Stay tuned for future Stone Eater Bike Park Updates.

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