{Courtesy: The Lebanon Reporter}

Lebanon’s Graham Huffman has been immersed in racing for basically his entire life.

Now, he is taking his passion to the next level, and is racing quarter midgets and having a lot of success across the Midwest.

“My dad started taking me to the race track since I was basically born,” Huffman, who will be an eighth grader at Lebanon Middle School, said. “We have been connected to the sport our whole lives. I started getting involved in quarter midgets when my uncle came to us and asked it I wanted to test one. I tested it and have loved it ever since.”

A quarter-midget is a quarter sized of a full midget car and Huffman described it as a go-kart with a cage that can get up to 50 miles per hour.

It is run on ovals on pavement and dirt. Huffman said that he likes driving on the dirt a little more, because it forces you to control the car more as you are sliding around.

There are plenty of other things Huffman enjoys about racing, but one of the big things that stands out to him is the relationships you can build at the track.


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