There is a lot going on at the former city landfill site along US 52, just outside of Lebanon. Large dump trucks are constantly dumping dirt at the site, as work on Stone Eater Bike Park begins to come into focus. In the June Update of the project, Lebanon City Engineer Kevin Krulik updates the progress on the park.

“There is a lot going on,” said Krulik. “We are still hauling dirt in, and we have been hauling dirt in for a while, but it takes a while to haul in more than 70,000 yards of dirt.”

“We have dozers scraping off vegetation, rolling the dirt in, we’ve got the sheep’s foot roller trying to compact the dirt,” added Krulik. “This is all about leveling off and creating better drainage over the landfill cap.”

“Like we’ve said before, there are really two projects here,” said Krulik. “The first project is the environmental landfill work. Everything has been resubmitted for a good while now to IDEM(Indiana Department of Environmental Management). We are starting to push them for those final approvals, which we think are eminent. Once we have those, then we are talking about putting out bid packages and proposal packages for the actual park feature construction.”

“It’s exciting to know that we have the funding in place,” added Krulik. “We have a path forward and we are nearing the end of our approval process that has taken the better part of two years, and we are just excited that are to this point and we are excited for the next steps. Hopefully we are riding bikes out here in another six or eight months.”

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