The Heart of Lebanon, a Nationally Accredited Main Street, wants to help the community celebrate the rich basketball history in Lebanon, IN with this alley activation project honoring our basketball culture on the northside of the Boone County Courthouse Square.

This alley was recently vacated to vehicular traffic during a recent $11 million infrastructure reconstruction and redesign of our Historic Downtown Square. When standing in the alley, Memorial Gymnasium is in view which makes it the perfect location for this basketball themed project.

This alley activation project is creating a bridge from the Heart of Lebanon to the  Memorial Gymnasium. Built in 1931, this historic gymnasium is a 2,200 seat facility that hosted the renaissance of Lebanon basketball lead by the meteoric rise of Rick “The Rocket” Mount and was prominently featured in the 1986 movie “Hoosiers”.

This is Home and Home is Basketball

From the Courthouse Square, you will be greeted overhead by a 14′ high custom fabricated aluminum archway that features the silhouette of a basketball net stretched from one side of the alley to the other.

Within the archway is sign featuring a logo with the slogan “This is Home and Home is Basketball”.  As you walk into the alley you’ll be walking on a painted floor graphic that repeats the logo, contains basketball court lines, and an interactive element for kids. Catenary lighting secured to decorative poles will light your way down the alley as you check out the digitally printed signage that features various Lebanon Basketball depictions that include historical photos of Rick “The Rocket” Mount and the 1912 State Championship team.

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