Work has begun on the City of Lebanon’s second railroad overpass mural. This one is along Camp Street and is being painted by area artist Anita Gordon.

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“The main inspiration is van Gogh-style artwork,” said Gordon. “I love to have a lot of colors in my own personal artwork, but when we transition into the van Gogh style, it also deals with the concept of this bridge, and Lebanon in general. When he(van Gogh) used to create his artwork, going from sadness into happiness, we’re kind of doing that with the bridge as well. We are taking something that keeps getting destroyed, or graffitied, and we are translating that into a beautiful work of art that will help enhance the livelihood of the area.”

“It’s wonderful,” said a motorist as she drove past Anita as she was painting.

“I’ve been so excited,” continued Gordon. “It’s been great to have the interaction of the traffic passing by. I get to hear how excited the kids and the families are when they pass through. With this one in particular, it is very colorful. We are trying to pack as many colors into one square foot as we can. I’ve been enjoying seeing the kiddos as they pass getting excited about how many colors we can see in one small area.”

“I have enjoyed doing it in segments instead,” added Gordon. “That way people get to see the transformation in a slower pattern. Usually with murals there we’ll cover-up and there will be a base color first, and then build up structures, followed by the color. But in this case we actually have it in small segments they can see where we covered up and painted over cuss words, and transitioned into primer, and then you see all the colors, and all of the layers on top.”

Anita Gordon is partnering with the City to offer “Community Creation Days” leading up to the completion of the Camp Street mural. Those wishing to paint portions of the bridge will be allowed to do so, on specified days, and under the supervision of Anita’s expertise.


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