On Monday, April 17th 2023, ground was broken on the new Eli Lilly facility in Lebanon. At the groundbreaking it was announced that Eli Lilly’s investment was increasing by $1.6 billion, to bring the investment total to $3.7 billion and will include the creation of 700 jobs. The Lilly location will anchor the State of Indiana’s LEAP Innovation and Research District.

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This video contains remarks made by:

  • Eli Lilly CEO Dave Ricks
  • Indiana Governor Eric Holcomb
  • Indiana Secretary of Commerce Brad Chambers
  • Lebanon Mayor Matt Gentry
  • Ivy Tech President Sue Ellsperman

“We’ve always had a special relationship with our home state, and the Indiana communities where we live and we work,” said Eli Lilly CEO Dave Ricks. “Last year we announced plans to build two, state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities, right here on this land in Boone County. That announcement was an exciting number, 2.1 billion-dollars, associated with 500 permanent jobs. Today I’m pleased to announce, that we’re making additional investments. We are expanding that scope, by 1.6 billion additional dollars, here at this site, creating an additional 200 permanent jobs, in high skill areas like production, operations, lab support, and engineering. So that now brings the site commitment to 3.7 billion-dollars. This is the largest manufacturing investment at a single location, in Lilly’s 147 year history.”

“We throw these words like ‘unprecedented,’ and ‘historic’ around loosely sometimes,” said Indiana Governor Eric Holcomb. “But today meets that moment, and that very definition. This is truly an historic occasion. I would dare say it is a monumental day, not just for Lebanon and Boone County, not even just for the State of Indiana. This is a monumental and proud day for everyone who had a hand in getting us to this very moment, for the world.”

“As we break ground on this new facility, we are reminded of the pioneering spirit that has defined our community for generations,” said Lebanon Mayor Matt Gentry. “Our forefathers came to this land with a little more than determination and grit. The didn’t find these well organized farm fields, with drainage ditched everywhere so the water would run off. They found a land covered by trees, and swamps. They had to carve a future for themselves out of that wilderness. With hard work and perseverance they build the foundation of a community that has endured for nearly two centuries. Today, we carry on that tradition, we are carving a new future for Lebanon. A future that is built on innovation, technology, and progress, and we are doing it with the same spirit, determination, and grit that has always defined us.”

“It is so interesting how the world works sometimes,” said Indiana Secretary of Commerce Brad Chambers. “So, why not Indiana? If China can do it, why not the United States and specifically Indiana. Why can’t we compete, and win against China or North Carolina, or Texas for that matter? The answer is – we can, and we are.”

“Ivy Tech is excited to expand on the collaboration with Eli Lilly and Company, announcing the Lilly Scholars at Ivy Tech Program,” said Ivy Tech President Sue Ellsperman. “This 15 million-dollar investment over 5 years by Eli Lilly, will create opportunities for first generation and socioeconomically challenged students, high school and adults from Central Indiana, to pursue high-wage, high-demand careers in quality assurance, and pharmaceutical manufacturing. Two sectors that power Indiana’s economic growth, vitality, and prosperity.”

“So let us break ground today with a sense of pride, a sense of optimism, a sense of responsibility, but also let us work together to build a brighter future for Lebanon, and all of Indiana,” concluded Mayor Gentry. “So on behalf of the citizens of Lebanon, Eli Lilly & Company, welcome to Lebanon, Indiana, and welcome home.”

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