City Engineer Kevin Krulik was surrounded by chopped trees in the April 2023 edition of the Stone Eater Bike Park Update. [Watch the Video]

“The trees were required to cut down as part of our IDEM(Indiana Department of Environmental Management) regulations associated with the fact that this is a former landfill,” said Krulik. “Current regulations don’t allow trees to grow on landfills because they create problems with water getting into soil, into the buried waste, leeching into the ground water. So, one of the things we had to do was remove the trees.”

“We are happy that some of these trees are going to stay here, and what we’ve done is we’ve set aside a lot of the larger trees, a lot of the larger logs, a lot of the hardwood,” added Krulik. “Most of these are Cottonwood, which isn’t a great hardwood species, but it’s a good hardwood that we can use to build riding features throughout the park.”

“These logs will be cut up and be used to create riding features that will challenged riders,” continued Krulik. “From the novice rider, up to the most advanced rider, so that’s why we have saved all of these. Again, this is one way we are trying to save cost and deliver an exciting and interesting project. We’ve got all the trees here that we’ve staged, we’ve also go dirt coming in as well, along with stone and boulders sitting nearby, too. All of these are donations, and all free product that we are using to develop Stone Eater Bike Park.”

“There are a lot of moving parts,” finished Krulik. “We are hoping though that later this spring we are issuing RFP’s (Request for Proposal) for construction managers. We are hoping that late spring into early summer we are issuing construction bidding packages through that construction manager. We are hoping to be fully under construction, aside from the donations and the import materials, we are hoping to be under construction in early summer. We are hoping to put bikes on trails this fall, with grand openings and ceremonial ribbon cuttings in the spring of 2024.”


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