In the Stone Eater Bike Park March Update, large quantities of donated stone are being delivered to the bike park site. City engineer Kevin Krulik shared what that stone will be used for, and gave an overall progress update.

“Stone update at Stone Eater Bike Park,” said City of Lebanon City Engineer Kevin Krulik. “Stone delivery day is taking place as we speak. There is approximately 2,000 tons of stone have already been delivered, and another 2,000 on its way. So, 4,000 pounds of stone coming, and the most exciting thing about this is the City of Lebanon and its taxpayers didn’t pay a dime for this. This was a donation to the park, and we are going to use it to build the base for our entry drive, we’re going to use it to build the base for our parking, and we’re going to use it to build the base for our all-weather, year-round cross country mountain bike trail.”

“It’s a team effort,” added Krulik. “Everyone, from myself, all the way through our Planning Department, through our development partners around the city, they know we are looking for things like this, so when they call us up we are able to take advantage of that. It’s just an opportunity for us. We have free stone coming in, and we’ve also got free dirt coming in as well. The dirt donation is valued at nearly two million dollars. I haven’t quite put a donation value on the stone yet, but this is how we get things done, and how we do things responsibly.”

“Momentum is really starting to take shape,” finished Krulik. “Pardon the pun, but the rock is beginning to roll down the hill here, and we are just excited to try and walk alongside that momentum, nudged in the right ways, and get us to a point here where we’ve got a first-class park facility.”

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