[Content Courtesy: Life In Indy] It’s been hours since I turned onto I-65. I’m going south, headed back from a fishing retreat in Michigan. Dusk is coming on, and there’s been little to see other than farmlands and windmills towering like giant sentries. As I turn around the final bend, I see a bright splash of color bridging over the interstate—the decorative Lebanon bridge on Exit 139. This is my exit. I’m finally home in Lebanon.

Lebanon is a booming city nestled comfortably in the countryside, about halfway between Downtown Indianapolis and Purdue University. With lush fields, sparse forests, and farmland along every road, there’s no doubt of Lebanon’s farm-town roots. But our rural city never feels too remote.

Within the city limits, you’ll find lively small businesses, residential areas, and a newly renovated downtown square where the Boone County Courthouse sits. And thanks to the nearby interstate access, Lebanon’s only about a 20-30 minute commute to Indianapolis, Lafayette, or the Indianapolis International Airport.

This strategic location and hometown feel makes Lebanon a hidden gem amongst the northern suburbs of Indianapolis. After 8 years of living here, the consensus from our visiting friends and family has been that Lebanon embodies what small-town America was meant to be. Between all the attractions, culture, and opportunities Lebanon has to offer, I’m inclined to agree.

Lebanon is a family-friendly community everyone can enjoy.  

Many people choose to live in Lebanon because it’s a great place to raise a family. New neighborhoods are being built all around town. We have well-rated schools with talented teachers, and there are plenty of parks and playgrounds within biking distance.

In fact, our community has over 100 acres of public parks to explore, including an all-inclusive, ADA compliant playground at Memorial Park. All of the spaces are easily accessible if you live in town. There’s even a growing trend in our neighborhood to travel around in modified golf carts—which are street legal when registered.

Lebanon also offers a wide range of housing options to fit your lifestyle. You can always find an apartment near downtown square to stay in the center of the action. But if you’re looking for a quieter place to live, I recommend finding a house in the rural country around Lebanon.

Boone County farmland is beautiful, and some properties even maintain parts of old-growth forests. It’s not uncommon to see rope swings suspended from towering oaks and maple trees out in the country, and both mornings and evenings offer dazzling displays of sunrises and sunsets over vast fields of crops that rival watching the sunset over water.

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