With a winter weather expected to come Lebanon’s way later in the week, the Lebanon Street Department is gearing up to keep roads clear, and everyone safe. [Video]

“You can be as ready as can, but you’ve just go to wait to see what it is, and what you’ve got,” said Lebanon Street Superintendent David Newell. “Sometimes it misses us, sometimes we get more, but I feel like we’re as ready as we can be.” “The guys are ready,” Newell added. “They are all aware, and they are all on standby. We had a meeting this(Wednesday) morning, letting everyone know that they’re on standby and who is on-call. If we get the weather, we’ve got the people.”

“Ideally for us we be that it would rain on Thursday supposedly,” said Newell. “If it rains and then stops, we can get out and pretreat and let it play its course through the night. Then, in the early morning we can go out and let it snow as much as it can, then attack it. It sounds like from what they’re saying now, we are going to get most of it Thursday night into Friday morning.”

“We have a lot of new guys, so the way that we attack it is we partner up veterans with new guys, so they can be shown the ropes,” added Newell. “We preach the speed – just slow down. We appreciate our partnership we have with our community. They look out for us, and we look out for them, that’s all it is. We just hope that everyone has a safe Christmas, that’s our goal. We just want to keep everyone safe.”

“Every time we go out and attack a snow event, or get ice, I look at it as if it’s my wife, or my kids, or my grandma, or my mom and dad driving. That’s how I try to attack it, and that’s how I try to teach these guys to attack it. It’s like your mom could be out there. Is that road safe for your parents, for your wife, your kids, that’s how we try to look at it.”

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