In an effort to keep the public informed, The City of Lebanon is offering the informational texting service TextMyGov to citizens. This free service will be used to communicate to those who choose to opt-in, to get the latest information on: Citywide Alerts, Functions, Events, Parks & Recreation Alerts, and City Project Notifications.

“The City is trying to reduce the use of a phrase that we hear far too often, ‘I had no idea that was going on,’” said Lebanon Mayor Matt Gentry. “TextMyGov will accompany content currently posted on Lebanon’s social media accounts, website, newsletter, public access channel, and podcast. We are hoping members of the public will opt-in to this free service to stay in the know with what’s going on in our community.”

Citizens “opt-in” by texting one of the following categories to 91896:

  • “Lebanon” for Citywide Alerts
  • LebanonCityfor City Function Notifications
  • LebanonEventsfor Event Notifications
  • LebanonParksfor Information Pertaining to the city’s park system
  • LebanonProjectsfor Citwide Project Notifications 

The TextMyGov service is offered free of charge to participants. After the initial keyword is sent, participants will receive a confirmation message asking them to reply “YES” to verify opt-in.

You may receive up to 4 text messages a month with a notification for each alert category opted-in to. Message rates may apply. It is recommended that participants check in with their cellular carrier for more details.

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