The Indiana Department of Transportation (INDOT) has completed the review and selection of projects for funding in the 2022-2 Community Crossings Matching Grant Fund Program. The City of Lebanon has preliminarily been awarded $339,072.75 in Community Crossings Matching Grant Funds based upon estimates from project application(s).

Repaving Locations:

  • East Street – From Washington Street to Noble Street
  • Anderson Lane – From Witt Road to Point Road(Under Construction)
  • Anderson Lane – From Future Extension of Point Road (Under Construction) to CSX Railroad Tracks
  • Washington Street – From Blair Street to State Road 39/Lebanon Street
  • Outer Drive – From East Ulen Drive(Elizaville Road) to Lebanon High School Parking Lot
  • Noble Street – From Indianapolis Avenue to State Road 32(Spencer Avenue)
  • Barry Drive – From Grant Boulevard to Travis Drive
  • Sherri Drive – From Grant Boulevard to Travis Drive
  • Monroe Crescent Street – From Grant Boulevard to Dead End(Cul de sac)
  • Madison Court – From Monroe Crescent Street to Dead End(Cul de sac)
  • Monroe Court – From Dead End(Cul de sac) to Monroe Crescent Street

The Community Crossings Matching Grand Funds, which are administered by INDOT, will be used for funding up to 50 percent of the construction of your project or the purchase of materials. These grant dollars will enable The City of Lebanon to help build and improve Indiana’s infrastructure.

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