As we roll towards the end of 2022, City Engineer Kevin Krulik wraps up Part 3 of his Stone Eater Bike Park preview. In this episode, Kevin shares what the second phase of the park holds in store. From jump lines to pump tracks, Stone Eater Bike Park will have something for everyone! (Watch the Video)

“Right now we’re looking at bringing in earth work, and starting to do the bulk of the job over the next couple of months, said Krulik. “We’re looking at heavy trail construction in the Spring, where we start seeing these trails to fruition.”

“We’ve got stockpiles of logs, and stones, and boulders on-site to make those exciting features,” added Krulik. “All of those features will primarily be made out of material that was harvested right there at the site. I’m very excited about that, but we’re not done. This is a park we think we can grow with, and that we can grow into.”

“When looking at the area near the entrance, it’s like a ‘future area’ for the park,” said Krulik. We can create some really exciting things. We can create a kids pump track. A larger, professional-scale pump track. That’s a track where, with a little bit of speed, and pumping your arms and shoulders to keep your wheels on the ground, you can roll all the way around this track without ever having to pedal. It is so much fun.” “We have other features, like a jump park area, where we will have two jump lines,” added Krulik. “Where those that are a little more daring, who like to get a little more air underneath their tires, will be able to challenge themselves there.” If you are somebody who wants to get to that point, but maybe isn’t there. Maybe you’re a bit of a novice, and you want to be able to build your skills, we’ve got a skills park planned,” said Krulik. “It will have a series of features, primarily built out of natural materials, where you can work on those skills. You can hone in on those skills that you would need to ride the skills trails, hone in those skills that you’ll need to go onto the pump track.”

“There are some really exciting opportunities here for everybody,” said Krulik. “I keep talking about this, but whether you are a kid just getting vertical on your bike, or you are parents or grandparents that still want to get out and get active with your kids, there’s going to be something for everyone at Stone Eater Bike Park.” Stone Eater Bike Park updates will continue in 2023!


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