In the November installment of the City of Lebanon’s Stone Eater Bike Park Series, City Engineer Kevin Krulik continues to highlight various aspects of the park that will be especially attractive to visitors. {Watch the Video}

“What I’m really excited about as well as the versatility of the park, is what we’ve done to creative versatility and challenging riding for anyone who wants to come to the park, is that we’ve created skills trails,” said City Engineer Kevin Krulik. “Three separate skills trails that will branch off from the base course, and go off into more of the more challenging terrain on the course.

“We are going to even step up the terrain a little further,” added Krulik. “We are going to build ladder bridges across some of the low areas where we’ve got creeks that flow seasonally across the property.” “As you come across the western portion of the skills trail, there’s a neat feature over there,” said Krulik.

“It is one that we visited a couple videos ago. There is a rock that is big as a Volkswagen Beatle. It’s going to be fun to see how you can challenge yourself, climbing up and over that rock.” “We don’t want people to think that this is just a novice level course,” cautioned Krulik. “This is a course that is going to be able to challenge everybody, from your entry-level rider, up unto your most seasoned, skilled riders.”

“There is just going to be something here for everybody,” finished Krulik. “There is also going to be walking, and trail running, and the ability to hold cross-country running events here. This is going to be a great asset for our community.”

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