In previous videos previewing Stone Eater Bike Park, City Engineer Kevin Krulik has been on location, taking a closer look at the progress of the park. In the months ahead, Kevin is taking a closer look at the bike park plans, highlighting specific features that you are sure to enjoy. {Watch the video}

“I’m really excited to talk about the plan, to actually get into the plans,” said Krulik. “We’ve talked a lot on-site, this time around we are going to jump right into the plan, to show you some of the cool features of the park, so people have a better understanding what they can expect, when the park opens next year.”

“The first thing I want to talk about the our great partnership with our friends at NICA(National Interscholastic Cycling Association),” said Krulik. “One of the things about that is that this is 100% open and free to the public, but it’s designed with NICA’s riding skills and abilities in mind. So, one of the keynote features of the park is the NICA trail. This 3 ½ mile, cross country mountain bike trail, with steep climbs and flowy berm turns, and lots of interesting riding. It’s going to be fast. It’s going to be fun. This is going to be a great trail for you to get out with your family, your kids, your grandparents. Everyone can ride this trail and be able to do.”

“It’s also going to have a surface that is stabilized with aggregate materials. Stone materials,” said Krulik. “That is going to mean that it’s solid, it’s stable, and it’s all-weather. That’s one of the cool features about this. A lot of other trails in the region are closed for inclement weather during the winter months. You are going to come to Stone Eater Bike Park and ride right here.”

Stay tuned for another bike park feature, coming your way in November.

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