Lebanon City Market wrapped up another regular season at the end of August, with live music and more than 20 vendors. For the first time, LCM situated itself downtown along Meridian Street, under the catenary lights between Main and Washington Streets. It was a huge hit for both vendors and market-goers. {Watch the Video}

“We love getting outside,” said Lebanon resident and Lebanon City Market attender Denise Niblick. “We love going to the library. They have a really fun after school event that the kids go to first, then we get to walk right out here and ride bikes to the market and support all the hard work the local people are doing to bring a lot of fun businesses here. It’s basically an opportunity to meet friends and hang out outside.”

“Lebanon is the most fun market that I have ever gone to, and I mean that sincerely,” said William Moskal from Saw-Whet Farm.

“This year, with the road closed and everybody set up, there’s a space and there’s an area,” added Moskal. “It feels more accessible and I think that’s resulted in a lot more people coming out. My wife and I come, we ride our bikes down The Big 4 Trail, we sell bread and sometimes we sell pasta. We get dinner at The Chophouse and we sit and just enjoy talking with everybody. We still do enough sales to make it worthwhile to come too, so it’s fun for us.”

“What it really is is getting people out,” said Niblick. “One, you see the square and you get to see all of the amazing updates that have been made to be able to host this. The safety that they’ve been able to do, to just make it a safe place for pedestrians to walk around. I think that just brings the community together to have things like this because it’s a fun, safe event for families to have something to do. “

“We love Lebanon. We love living here, and we’re just really lucky to call this place home,” said Niblick.

T he Extended Season of the market takes place on the first Saturday of every month, from 4pm-6pm.

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