The Limitless Exploration/Advanced Pace Lebanon Innovation District has been the topic of a lot of conversations throughout the City, Boone County, and the State of Indiana…and with good reason.

On May 25th, Indiana Governor Eric Holcomb announced that Eli Lilly would be investing more than $2B on two manufacturing sites within the newly announced district.

Nearly a month later, Lebanon Mayor Matt Gentry and Boone County Economic Development Corporation Executive Director Molly Whitehead discussed the latest information surrounding LEAP Lebanon on a recent episode of the #LovinLebanon Podcast. (Listen to the episode)

Mayor Gentry and Molly Whitehead answered some frequently asked questions that have been raised in public meetings, and on social media. The goal of the episode was to provide project clarity during this season of citywide change.

Please feel free to message Mayor Gentry or Molly Whitehead directly to ask additional questions and continue the conversation.

Mayor Gentry: [email protected]

Molly Whitehead: [email protected]

More about LEAP Lebanon

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