On Saturday, June 25th, the City of Lebanon Planning and Zoning Office, in collaboration with the Boone County Solid Waste Management District, hosted the first of several “Dumpster Days.” The office selected the southeast side of the city as the first location, with a pair of dumpsters set at Hot Pond Park. {Watch the Video}

“It’s amazing,” said Assistant City Planner and Code Enforcement Officer Matt Reynolds. “We didn’t know what to expect, since this was our first time trying this and so we got here planning to start at 8 o’clock, and people started rolling up at 7. So we knew right then, that the turnout was going to be great. We are halfway full on both of the dumpsters and we think we’ve got a good turnout so far.”

“It’s an opportunity for us to and provide that opportunity for the residents to clean up some of that stuff that could otherwise be a violation,” added Reynolds. “We don’t like issuing violations. We would rather have you come throw it away. It makes our jobs a little easier by providing this opportunity and not having to send those notices and upset people, with them having to figure out a way to dispose of it.”

“The idea behind it was that we wanted to make it a little more convenient for residents to take their bulky items to the trash,” said Reynolds. “We offer it at the Street Department a couple of times a year, but we wanted to try and target and make it a little more convenient in the neighborhoods themselves. We are trying it here on the southeast side this morning and if things go well, as they seem to be, then we’ll start targeting other areas of the city and making it more convenient for those other residents.”

“We are seeing a lot of gratefulness,” added Reynolds. “A lot of ‘thank you’s.’ When the people are coming with a truck load or trailer load full of stuff, you know they’ve been holding onto it for a while, and they appreciate the opportunity to not have to drive to Zionsville or Whitestown to get rid of it so, so far so good.”

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