Additional Trash Collection Documents

A few changes are on the way when it comes to trash service in Lebanon. Here are some things to keep in mind, with changes expected to take affect during the summer of 2022.

Residents can have one (1) bulky waste item picked up at the curb during the first full week of collection every month. This is the only time that an item will be collected outside the trash container.  Spring and Fall Bulky Waste Collection special events will be eliminated. If you have additional heavy items that need to be picked up, you can call Ray’s Trash at 317-539-2024 or email at [email protected] to arrange an extra item pickup.

Additional charges apply.

**Home is defined per utility billing. If multiple units share a common utility bill, then only one (1) cart for weekly trash, and one (1) heavy item the first full week of each month are allowed.

Each home will receive a 96 gallon container with a black lid for bagged trash. All trash must fit inside the container with the lid closed. Optional 96 gallon recycling containers with yellow lids will be available  upon request for $5.35 a month to better contain the ever growing volume of recycling. All recyclables should be loose in the container. Do NOT bag recyclables.  Please call Lebanon Utilities at 765-482-5100 to set-up recycling service. Refer to the Ray’s Recycling guidelines at Stay tuned for more details about recycling and trash pick-up as we get closer to summer.

It is very important that adequate space is left between the carts and other objects (such as mailboxes, cars, signs, lights, trees, bushes etc.) to ensure the carts can be accessed for service. A minimum of 3-4 ft clearance on both sides of the cart is required.

For those that might have difficulty getting the carts to the curb, we encourage you to reach out to the community for assistance. Neighbors, Boy Scout groups, church groups, etc., are always good places to start for community help.

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