As the weather warms up(we hope), locals and visitors will no doubt be out and about on The Big 4 Trail. This Boone County amenity has become a wonderful addition to the community, with several improvements ahead! We recently had the pleasure of meeting Mike and Sandy Hawn. Mike and Sandy enjoy taking to the trail when they visit family who live in Lebanon.

“It’s nice to get in the car and go ten miles and get on the trail here and ride a couple of hours and head back home,” said Big 4 Trail rider Mike Hawn.

“Lots of nature,” added Sandy Hawn. “We see lots of nature.”

“We like the birds,” said Mike Hawn. “Especially in the spring, we see the orioles and cardinals. They are everywhere right now and that’s what we like. There’s lots of wildlife along the trail.”

“We have two grandkids, a boy and a girl,” said Sandy. Our with our daughter and her husband, we all go together. They live a quarter of a mile from this trail, and so, it’s just wonderful.”

“At our age, it’s great to still be riding,” said Sandy. “I’m 78, and I’m proud that I can ride my bicycle and enjoy the outside, and get all the exercise because I can actually ride bike right now better than I can walk, so it’s wonderful to keep my legs strong.”

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