The City of Lebanon has several Lebanon High School students interning within its various departments. LHS interns are even working with the Lebanon Police Department’s Crime Scene Investigators to learn more about the field, and get the necessary training to peak interest toward a possible career choice. Lebanon Seniors: Abrianna Murphy, Matthew Popovitz, and Nathan Monnett shared their experiences working with LPD.

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“It’s becoming a groove for me that I’m getting into,” said Lebanon Senior Matthew Popovitz.

“I just learn something new every day. It’s just so interesting,” added Lebanon Senior Abrianna Murphy.

“I just enjoy it, you know? It’s just constant action. I really do like it,” said Lebanon Senior Nathan Monnett.

“I genuinely enjoy teaching, especially crime scene work,” said Lebanon Police Department Evidence Tech Colleen Brandyberry. “I love that moment when a student really understands something, and they understand the purpose behind doing it the way we do it. And you can just see them recognize, ‘Oh, I get it. That makes sense.’ All my students have been very excited about this line of work and eager to learn and I love doing that.”

In one of the exercises, Brandyberry gave each student a crime scene investigation scenario. She required each student to utilize tools used by the Lebanon Police Department to gather clues to help investigators piece together each hypothetical situation, and solve each crime.

“I really struggled with what I wanted to do,” said Murphy. “My parents kind of pushed me into doing the internship, because at the end of last year I found out that I really wanted to do something chemistry related, because I’m really interested in science stuff. Now that I’m doing this internship I am dead set, I want to be a Crime Scene Investigator.”

“What you see on TV is not the nitty gritty of the work that you have to do,” said Brandyberry. “It’s really an overview and everything gets solved in an hour and you don’t see the people doing the actual work. I tell the kids, crime scene investigation is not difficult, it’s not rocket science, it’s mostly common sense. But you have to put in the time and the effort. It’s almost always really dirty, and kind of gross.”

“This has taught me and I definitely enjoy this field,” said Lebanon Senior “I was kind of questioning going in, but working with Colleen, I really enjoy it.”

“The idea of helping people, said Lebanon Senior . “That’s the biggest thing that I’ve always sought out to do. I’ve always wanted to help someone, and I guess having the forensics ability to go through that and law enforcement by itself gives me the opportunity to do that.”

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