During the December 13 City Council meeting, the City Council adopted Resolution 2021-28. This resolution contained the Community Investment Plan for the American Rescue Plan Funds the City of Lebanon received from the Federal Government. The plan includes many projects all around our community that will make investments in Lebanon’s future. After it was passed, Lebanon Mayor Matt Gentry provided a breakdown of how the funds will be reinvested in the community.

1. Reese Park Lift Station: This project will alleviate sewer overflows that periodically occur during high rainfall events in the Victoria Court area and other parts of the City.

2. Essential Worker Premium Pay: This will provide a one-time premium payment for City employees that performed essential work during the COVID-19 pandemic. Essential work is defined as work performed in-person and necessitated the interaction with other City employees or the general public. This pay will only be distributed to City employees, not including elected officials, that were deemed essential to City operations. This generally applies to the non-administrative staff of the Police, Fire, Street and Stormwater, and Parks and Recreation Departments.

3. Memorial Park Lighting and ADA Playground Installation: The installation of improved lighting and an Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) compliant playground in Memorial Park will increase the accessibility and use of Memorial Park, which is a key tourism attraction for the City of Lebanon.

4. Big 4 Trailhead Restrooms and Improvements: This project will construct restroom facilities and improve pedestrian and cultural amenities at the Big 4 Trailhead which is a key tourism attraction  for Lebanon, Indiana.

5. Abner Longley Park Tree Clearing and Walking Trails Construction: This project will clear invasive species, small trees, and brush around Conservation Pond in Abner Longley Park. This will assist with completion of the Big 4 trail through Lebanon and create walking trails through this passive area of the park which is a key tourism attraction for Lebanon, Indiana.

6. Stone Eater Bike Park: This project is an adaptive reuse of closed landfill facility that will create a regional attraction for mountain biking enthusiasts. The bike park will feature 5 miles of all-weather mountain biking trails as well as kids track, a pump track, jump park, and skills riding area. This facility is being designed to a national standard so that it will promote tourism in Lebanon and Boone County.

7. Conservation Pond Fishing Pier in Abner Longley Park: This project will construct an ADA compliant fishing pier at the Conservation Pond in Abner Longley Park. This project will assist with improved fishing accessibility for those with disabilities and young children.

8. Abner Longley Park Disc Golf Course Redesign and Installation: This project will improve and reinstall a deteriorated Disc Golf Course in Abner Longley Park. This project will provide greatly improved disc golf opportunities for Lebanon.

9. Lebanon Wayfinding Signage: This project proposes the installation of citywide wayfinding signage to upgrade and expand tourism facilities that were delayed due to COVID-19. These signs will direct residents and visitors toward small businesses, landmarks, and tourism attractions.

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