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“We partnered with IUPUI and Lebanon Schools, and we really wanted to bring students into the real world experience,” said Online Resources Inc. Vice President of Operations JD Schaumberg. “These aren’t the kind of tools the students will be able to afford in the university, let alone in the high school. So we asked ourselves about how we can bring the kids in here, get their hands on real world tools, for quality control and inspection. Here we are doing CFD, which is wind tunnel analysis. We also want to share some of our knowledge of about ‘how do you get here?’ We want to show the students the career paths, and what different options they have as they’re looking at college and beyond.” 

“I had no clue that this was even going on in Lebanon,” said Lebanon High School Junior Wyatt Boyett. “Especially the 3-D scanning. The main representative here was talking to us about what 3-D scanning was all about. He brought it up on a Power Point and went over how individually they are looking at dots all over these objects. They shared that 1.5 million dots were able to be scanned by one of the newest pieces of equipment that they have here. It was super mindboggling to understand the advancements in technology. It used to be that you could only scan one dot per second, or maybe even ten seconds. Now you can scan 1.5 million dots per second, so you can scan in a full car. That’s crazy!”

“Overall, with a career in motorsports, it kind of opened my eyes to IUPUI,” added Boyett. “It showed me the different programs that colleges can offer. It makes me now want to apply to IUPUI, and just see what all it is about. Maybe I could go on a college visit to IUPUI, because I still have a year of high school left, so I have a year to go visit.”

“It’s not something that you get paid for,” added Schaumberg. ”It’s just something where we get to pour into the next generation and help guide them. I think that the whole ‘it takes a village’ concept, we view ourselves as being a part of that. Not just as JD or Jay Schaumberg or whoever else in our office, but as Online Resources Inc., we have to make sure that we do our part for our community to grow. And this is cool! I want to show kids. I get excited about it, so if some other kid gets excited about this kind of stuff, that’s good enough for us.”

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