The Indiana Department of Transportation (INDOT) has completed the review and selection of projects for funding in the 2021-2 Community Crossings Matching Grant Fund Program. The Lebanon community has been preliminarily been awarded $999,530.55 in Community Crossings Matching Grant Funds based upon estimates from project application(s). INDOT will be transmitting an award letter in the upcoming weeks.

The Community Crossings Matching Grand Funds, which are administered by INDOT, will be used for funding up to 50 percent of the construction of your project or the purchase of materials. These grant dollars will enable Lebanon to help build and improve Indiana’s infrastructure.

The state of Indiana looks forward to partnering with all Hoosier communities, both urban and rural, to invest in road and bridge infrastructure projects. Improvement to local roads and bridges will bring about economic development, create jobs, and strengthen local transportation networks for all of Indiana.

2022 Road Resurfacing Program List: 2021-02.CCMG.Final Project List

Map of 2022 Resurfacing Work:


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