CSX is allowing the City of Lebanon to add murals on five railway underpasses. The design of one of the murals has been approved. The “Ocean Escape” mural will soon be added along Lafayette Avenue, near the intersection of Hoy Avenue. “Ocean Escape” features four images: a deep-sea diver, an anchor and sunken ship, an octopus, and a floating empty glass bottle.

“I want those who stop by to check out the mural to envision themselves as the ‘message in the bottle,’” said local mural artist Scott Trafford. “There will be a selfie spot along the sidewalk where visitors can safely add themselves to the artwork. I wanted this mural to be a mixture of realistic expression while also being whimsical.”

The mural concept and design were formulated by local and area artists. This group of creators showcased their talents to design and decorate many of the city’s tiger statues, which have been strategically placed throughout the community. These artists, along with Trafford will be doing most of the artwork. Community Creative Days will also be scheduled so that members of the public can add paint to canvas.

“We want everyone in the community to have the opportunity to embrace the arts,” said Community Development Director Joe LePage. “We will be inviting members of the public to come out and paint portions of these murals, with our local artists providing guidance along the way. We want to show everyone that art doesn’t have to be confined to a specific design or framework. We can visit the ocean, even in Central Indiana.”

Weather permitting, Trafford expects the Lafayette Avenue mural to be completed in two weeks. The mural will cost $13,774. Money to pay for the mural was taken from the City’s Casino/Riverboat Fund, and approved by the City Council.

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