Street Department Foreman Craig Hurst has joined unique company. Hurst was recently the recipient of a Road Builder Award.
Craig certainly put in the work. The Road Builder Award is accomplished through 300 hours of training and 12 Core Classes from the Local Technical Assistance Program(LTAP) at Purdue University.
Craig Hurst is only the third person from Lebanon to receive the award.
Congrats, Craig!
About the Road Scholar Program 

The Road Scholar Program was designed to serve as a core knowledge base for those actively involved with Indiana’s local roads. This program provides attendees with foundational information about road care and allows opportunities for networking with peers and industry leaders.

Participants attend 12 core courses, elective conferences and workshops to accrue credit hours. Once the 12 courses are complete and 300 credit hours have been obtained, participants are awarded the title of Road Builder. The title of Master Road Builder is awarded once 600 credit hours have been accrued.

The 12 core Road Scholar courses are offered on a rotating basis over periods of approximately two years. Each time a course is offered, the presentations are tailored to the most relevant and current material for the subject.

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