The City of Lebanon Fire Department is excited to announce the addition of a Safe Haven Baby Box located at the Lebanon Public Safety Building/Lebanon Fire Station 11. The Baby Box provides a place to safely, anonymously, and securely surrender a newborn in the event the family is unable to care for them. The box is monitored 24/7. When the baby box is utilized it triggers a monitored alarm that notifies Boone County Dispatch.
Appropriate fire and EMS personnel are then dispatched to retrieve the child and start the process of providing care. The baby box has its own heating unit that maintains the temperature of the area in cooler months, acting as an incubator for the infant. Per the Indiana Safe Haven law, providing there are no signs of intentional abuse to the infant a person may choose to give them up anonymously without fear of arrest or prosecution. No information is required to be left with the infant, but any information that may be useful to the caregiver including knowledge of the date of birth, race, parent medical history, the child’s health history, or other information that would be applicable would be greatly appreciated.
The baby box is located at 975 Lasley Dr Lebanon, IN 46052. It is on the west side of the building and was situated to allow anonymous surrender of the infant. The Safe Haven Baby Box organization also provides a 24 hour hotline to give women an opportunity to talk to trained personnel as they consider safely surrendering their baby. The number for that hotline is 1-866-992-2291.
Funding for the baby box was provided through generous donations from local individuals and organizations. We would like to acknowledge and thank Tim Toole, The Knights of Columbus St. Joseph’s Chapter (Lebanon, IN), and Eagles Lodge #2062 (Lebanon, IN) for large monetary donations that allowed this project to be expedited. Additionally, Vickrey Remodeling provided labor for the installation of the baby box, Mulhaupts Alarm donated a portion of the alarm installation, and Irving Materials Inc. (IMI) donated the concrete needed for sidewalks to make the project more cost effective. Additional information regarding the Safe Haven Baby Box program can be found on their website at

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