On August 11th, the City of Lebanon welcomed Bill and Justin Hutton, 4th and 5th generation descendants of J.T. Hutton. J.T. (Joseph Tristam) Hutton was the architect behind the Boone County courthouse. Bill and Justin got their pictures taken with “Hutton,” the tiger statue. The pair also toured the courthouse to see their relative’s work up close. The pair marveled at the level of quality and detail that were utilized to build such a magnificent structure. The Hutton’s were also impressed by how well the courthouse has stood the test of time, after it was completed in 1911.

The Boone County courthouse is accented by four Inoic order columns, each measuring 35 feet in length. Boone County’s most famous structure also features a large art glass dome with a clock tower on its top.

Father and son, Bill and Justin Hutton carry on the architectural legacy, operating Hutton & Hutton Architects & Engineers in Hammond, Indiana.

Read more on the tour in the Lebanon Reporter.


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