The Lebanon Street Department has set the dates for upcoming limb and brush curbside pick-up. Beginning in July of this year, the Street Department implemented the regular limb and brush pick-up as an added service to city residents. Before rolling out the new program, limbs and other yard debris were collected after major storms and during fewer scheduled times.

Please help out our Street Team by only bringing unbound yard waste to your curb during the dates of collection. As you can imagine, wire or twine used to bind limbs or other items can seriously damage department equipment, delaying collection.

August Dates: 10th through the 14th

September Dates: 8th through the 11th

A reminder that the Lebanon Street Department will ONLY be picking up limbs on the 2nd week of each month. Additionally, limbs will only be picked up from April to September.

If you have limbs that need to be picked up other than during this time, you may take them to GreenCycle. GreenCycle is located at 4227 South Perry Worth Road in Whitestown.

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