Presenting, in Lebanon, Indiana: Stone Eater Bike Park!

The Lebanon Engineering Department thanks everyone that engaged in the Bike Park Name and Logo conversation. People overwhelmingly voting for the Black and Gold ~ Prairie Creek Bike Park logo/name (see previous Engineering Facebook post)

However, the department also heard from several advocates regarding potential confusion that the proposed park names might create. There is a Lebanon Bike Park in Lebanon, Ohio, and there are the Prairie Creek Trails in Selma, Indiana. Given the goal of creating a regional riding center for riders of all skill levels bike park partners needed to develop a recognizable branding strategy that has the ability to reach the millions of cyclists in the greater region.

With this in mind, it was “back to the drawing board,” looking for local land features, geography, historical figures, and events that would help build this strategy. The focus immediately honed in on the rich native american history of this area. What was uncovered were several references to a Wea Chief that oversaw wartime efforts under Tecumseh. The name and the history associated with this leader is synonymous with the Park’s core values of Family, Community, Health, Conservation, and Service.

City Engineer Kevin Krulik is working with the Wea Tribe of Indiana as well as the Federally Recognized Peoria Tribe of Indians and has garnered their support for the park name and dedication. The city is also excited for their partnership in the development of interpretive historical exhibits that will be placed at the park to celebrate this Chief, his life, and the rich native culture and heritage of this area.

We proudly present, Stone Eater Bike Park…

Wea Chief Stone Eater fought in the War of 1812, the Battle of Tippecanoe, and the Siege at Fort Harrison, he was the War Chief under the Tecumseh Confederation, and he was also a signer of several key armistice and treaty agreements. We are extremely honored to dedicate the park in his honor.

Expect to see more Stone Eater Bike Park updates in the near future.

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