Cedar Tree Planted by Lebanese Native

(Source: The Lebanon Reporter) – What started as a trip to visit nearly 50 cities named Lebanon around the United States in 2016 resulted in a second trip to plant cedar trees here.

Fadi BouKaram, a Lebanese photographer, set out in 2016 to visit nearly 50 cities named Lebanon all around the United States. He documented his trip on his website through blogs, video and photography.

While visiting here, BouKaram set out to find a very special cedar tree. The tree was given to the mayor of our Lebanon in 1955 by the president of the country Lebanon. A group of several mayors from different cities named Lebanon received these trees. However, it is believed that during the expansion of Lebanon High School, the tree in our Lebanon was destroyed.

Where the New Tree is Planted (http://www.reporter.net/news/local_news/common-roots/article_c2ded6bc-b2ad-5052-a291-a07686e65252.html)

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